About us

18 study subjects, 15 students. This is us. A motley group that is connectet by their commited work for their study body of their faculties.

The student councils at our university are the direct connection to you as a student. The student councils helped you as an „Ersti“, as a beginner, to start well into your studies and we also always have an open ear for you thoughout your whole life at the university. Additionally, we organize excursions, parties, information events, and much more – that is what makes our campus animated.

Through our work at the student councils, we directly experience where life at university may be a bit problematic for you. That is why we also directly can work for improvements at the CAU. Unfortunately, the couces of the student councils are trailing away, not only in the student body (at sthe AStA and the StuPa) but also at the university in general, for example the senate and the CAU presidency and the administration.

This is why we want to contribute together for you in the diverse commities!

What is the difference between us and all the other groups and parties? We are actually independent. There is no established party behind us or political viewpoint in our minds.

That is how we can constructively and pragmatically design our CAU and are able to bring in our diversity. For improved studies. For more variety. For better chances. For more diversity.

Let us all together change the tack – and also dare to have authentic discourse about crucial issues.

We are

„Die Fachschaften“.

WE, all together for YOU, becaus

WE are YOU.

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Who we are

Annika Voß

biology / economy and politics (education)

Philip-Alexander Caspers


Isabel Liu

history / politics

Sair Said

sociology / philosophy (BA)

Janin Götz

chemistry / geography (MA education)

Christopher Beulen


Irene Ebke

classic archeology / art history (MA)

Yannick Schuries

pedagogy (MA)

Nicole Czora

art history / german (MA)

Niklas Baltz


Isabel Günther


Manuel Ovenhausen

history / protestant religion teaching (BA education)

Svenja Grap

international comparative sociology / pedagogy

Sinje Lornsen

frisian studies / history

Tokessa Mertinat

biology / latin

Our election program

Below you can click through our election program. However, this only includes our most important points - of course we will also be involved in all other areas committed & constructive.

Comprehensive W-Lan.

Both in the buildings as well as outdoors on the campus. Without restrictions at peak times. Easy and infinite – just like home. The digital world has long reached university, but the infrastructure is still to be improved. Not only in the

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Proper Workspaces – and more space generally.

You are sitting in the library and you are unsuccessfully looking for a wall socket? You are sitting in a dark room and you are wishing for more light and lampfs for your research literature? We share these wishes! We stand for

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Ventilation & central heating.

Too hot during the summers, with tudents as well as professors close to a heat stroke, and too cold during the winters what makes it almost necessary to wear gloves during lectures – the CAU’s rooms climate leaves much to be desired.

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Water dispensers.

Bottles’s empty? Mensa’s closed? Soda machine’s broken? We want the possibility for everyone to refill their water bottles at water dispensers. We want more of them – and by saying that we mean centrally on the campus, not in some alcoves in

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Wall sockets.

You have git your laptop or tablet with you but you can’t find a wall socket? In the seminar rooms and the Mensa, wall sockets are a scarce good – and also at accounted working areas the search for a wall socket

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Opening hours of the libraries.

The central library is open mon – fri from 9 am to 10 pm. If you draw a comparism to the library of the juridical seminar, which is open 8 am to 11 pm, one sees that these are two hours less

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Buses and parking lots.

Public transport is great, but it is useless, if students are not able to use it to get home after 6 pm. Additionally, many students still have to rely on their cars, but do not find a parking spot. We want all

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If you have to go round half of the buildings if yiu are depending on a wheel chair, accessibility is used as a slogan, but not performed. Having tu use longer ways, the short breaks between two lectures are not long enough

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Enabling food intake.

The opening hours of the Mensa 1 and 2 are restricted and also all other cafeterias and coffee bars are not accessible aroung the clock. During a time where performance has to be given all day, this is not contemporary. We want

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Animated campus.

A pretty campus is useless on ots own, it has to be animated. It needs working spaces, barbecue spaces, room for recreation, spaces for music, and much more. And most of all: it needs accessable events without many restrictions. We want to

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Rest and work places outdoors.

At the CAU, we are very lucky that our campus is big but still close together. Different to other universities, f. e. Hamburg, our campus is not spread all over the city. Unfortunately, this potential is not used yet. There are not

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Full funding of student councils.

The household of the student boody embodes 5.6 Mio. € in this period (1st october 2018 till 30th september 2019). Admittedly, the biggest amount of that is spent on the semestericket. Nevertheless can the sum for the student body be calculated with

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Service & alcohol.

There are a number of eventes planned and organized by the student councils that are not the same without food and drinks (also alcohol). The AStA interprets guidelines of the country and the university administration in such a strict way, that now

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Simplify event execution.

Every student council organizes different events throughout the semester: excursions, parties, information events, and so on. The student councils have to keep a lot of things in mind by that: first aid helpers, spatial planning, rules for barbecueing and so on. Especially

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A room for every student council.

Currently, there are 41 student councils at the CAU. There are still a lot of student council that do not have a room for their own, though. On the one side, this is a problem for sthe student councils, because they do

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Reinforcement of exchange & cooperation.

In the 41 student councilks are always a variety of ideas, that fail because of the restricted capacities of the individual councils. In Addition, most of the student councils are faceing the same problems concerning their sections/institutes/faculties. We want to improve the

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No further raising for the semester fee.

The semester fee was raised in the current semester from 124,00 € (WS 2018/2019) to 259,00 € (WS 2019/2020) – that means that is has more than doubled its sum! The Studentenwerk gets 10,00 € more per semester, the semester ticket for

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Semesterticket refund & hardship provision.

With introducing the new semester ticket, there has been also introduced a new hardship provision. The household of the student body has planned with a sum of 32.875,00 € for that, was can be calculated as 1,25 € per student. If you

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Dare to have an open discourse.

A StuPa session during which the students who participated as guests were told to shut up? Keyword: new semester ticket. An AStA discussion during which a critical question from the audience gets hut down? Keyword: full body veil. Unfortunately, this is currently

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At our CAU, numberless events are performed. Until now, it is not always clear what are the exact sums of intakes and outputs at this events. It is also not apparent with whom the university cooperates for this events and if there

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Public enablement.

The sessions of the AStA as well as the ones by the StuPa are public. But if some students participates in one of these sessions, it is almost impossible to follow it. Why is that? StuPa sessions have an agenda, but all

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Consistent information channel.

Sometimes you get the feeling that you do not really know what happends at our university? You are not alone with that. Until now, you had to click your way through a maze of Hompages, Social media channels and so on. We

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Expand Communication.

Unfortunately, the diverse parts of the student body (f. e. student councils, AStA, and so on) do not always know about the activities of the other parts. By that, much of a valuable possibility of cooperation is lost. We want to change

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Seperation of office & mandate.

In the student body are diverse institutions: the StuPa (student parliament), the AStA (general student committee) and additionally the istitutions of election and also the 41 student councils. Until now, the AStA as well as the Stupa are led by a majority

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Institutionalisation of the student council representative conference.

By now, the 41 student councils are organized by the FachschaftsVertreterKonferenz (FVK; student council representative conference). They also have exchange of information by that. The exchange with AStA, StuPa, and so on is rather restricted. Until today, not the Schleswig-Holsteinische university law

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